Melodie Mayne PaintingMelodie Mayne PaintingMelodie Mayne PaintingMelodie Mayne PaintingMelodie Mayne Painting
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Melodie Mayne

Born 26th October 1962

Has 2 children, and 3 grandchildren.

Self-taught artist, currently living in Shepton Montague, Somerset.  

      For me painting is a way of accessing, expressing, and sharing that magical part of consciousness where the experiences of daily life and those of night-time dream-life, the soul-food of stories and the yearnings of the heart, and the sense of deep connection with nature, somehow all mingle together into personal myths and visions that are the riches of the inner world. 

      At times I have an image in my head before I start a painting, other times I have no idea what is going to come out till it's there. My creative process seems to have a rhythm and a plan of its own, it's not under the control of my intellect. It's much more deeply connected to feelings; I paint how I feel, and painting helps me understand my feelings better.

      I paint in oil, and also in mixed media, using acrylic and oil pastel over tissue-paper collage. Using tissue-paper collage is a quick way of achieving a highly (but randomly) coloured surface, and images suggest themselves out of the colour-chaos in a way that is sometimes surprising and delightful, and quite different from painting from a pre-formed idea. I find colour delicious to the soul, just as food can be delicious to the body. 

      These paintings are both a celebration of my own existence within the glorious complexity of the universe, and an exploration and reflection of my own healing wounds. They are an attempt at symbolising and synthesising my own philosophy , or illustrating aspects of my journey of discovery of what it means to be alive, conscious, human.... myself. I paint because I am compelled to paint, to express something too complex and open-ended to put into words. I find the process of painting enormously satisfying and nourishing, and when another person finds something to relate to within a painting I have made, that brings me joy. Please feel free to message me your responses to my work, I would be delighted to engage in this way. ( email )